It was a wonderful hot summer which seemed to make colour all the more vibrant and it got us thinking.  We see such an abundance of neutral shades for flooring, curtains, wall colours and house exteriors that we‘ve almost forgotten how heart-warming and uplifting colour can be! 

Colour can be used in big blobs, small trinkets or in clever combinations – the trick is in the proportions.  Think about some of these and perhaps try them out with your next lot of curtains, existing artworks, cushions, throws and trinkets or alternatively just use them for your wardrobe selections tomorrow morning!   


Did you know that there are five interior designers working out of Hubbers Flooring & Soft Furnishings – that’s a lot of expertise for you to draw on!  Doing it right the first time saves time and money and being able to put everything together under one roof makes it so much easier for you, the client.


We don’t expect you to know the dimensions of your rooms or inspect the quality of the floor under the current floorcoverings.  We have that expertise too – floors and walls, windows and doors can all be measured by our team to ensure the preparation is right, the correct amount of product is used, that it fits and that the final finish is even better than you hoped for.  We want to be proud of it too!


Yes, we’ve got all that as well – cushions by Kushinz, bedding by Bianca Lorenne and some cheery chairs, also some fantastic new rugs in store. Come and see!